Moa Hedström


28 april 2016 av Moa

Kan inte ord beskriva hur mycket jag älskar Urban Decays Vice 4 palett! Köpte den på jobbet för några veckor sedan, den är otrooooligt pigmenterad och mångsidig. Använde den för någon dag sedan för att göra denna look, använde tre av skuggorna längst ner på paletten ”delete, low och crowbar”, delete är matt mörkbrun, low är skimrigt grå och crowbar är skimrigt guld/grön.


GLOSS HiDef foundation ”C2”

Anastasia beverly hills dipbrow pomade ”ash brown”
NYX HD eyeshadow base
Urban decay ”vice 4” palette
Make up store lash art ”gorgeous”
L’oreal false lash wings mascara

NYX pro highlight & contour palette
The balm mary-lou manizer

Paris Berlin lip gloss ”OG16”

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  1. Mer bilder kvinnaaaa! Blir galen för vill bara se mer mer meeer! Fast om du int har ork så förstår ja :) kul bara du lägger upp något ens!

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    3. Thanks for your publication on this site. From my own personal experience, periodically softening up a photograph might provide the photography with a bit of an creative flare. More often than not however, the soft blur isn’t precisely what you had at heart and can sometimes spoil a normally good photo, especially if you anticipate enlarging it.

      1. Olen melkoisen samaa mieltä tuosta pimppaus-sanasta, mutta Noora käyttäköön blogissaan sanoja joita huvittaa:)Niitä hiutaleita sanotaan vaan "isoiksi kaurahiutaleiksi". Itsekin tykkään niiden rakenteesta enemmän, mutta mielestäni ne vaativat pitkän haudutuksen joten harvemmin tulee tehtyä.Tämä on nyt ihan otsikon vierestä mutta oletko huomannut että viimeisin Kauneus ja terveys -lehti on ihastuttavan täynnä asiaa luomusta ja luonnonkosmetiikasta? Tosin siellä Berliinissä ko lehteä voi olla vähän hankalampi hankkia…..

    4. Steve, you and I apparently share the same sickness. The thought of Nellie in Miami crossed my mind too. He would be the perfect coach for them if it weren’t for three factors: 1) Lebron would have to agree to play PF in crunch time; 2) Bosh would have to agree to play C; and 3) Pat Riley would have to put his ego aside, and watch an 80 year old man win 5 straight championships.So as you can see, it ain’t happening.

  2. Oh Susan, I just had a visit to your Ravelry project page. Your pile of leaves has really grown! So lovely. I’m really impressed. Thank you for taking the time to link your project page and share all the pictures and info about the different yarns you used. If others have not yet seen Susan’s project page, here is the link to .

  3. Bummer. Does he not now that many of the A+ people are old white guys with neckbeards????I’ve not heard the Jonestown/Waco comparison before, but then again, most of the time I just stay home sipping my Kool Aid. Anyway, sorry that happened to you. Bummer.


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